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Jump right in

No set-up is required. Simply unroll your Wateraft and start making memories. Spend the day without worrying about reinflating or repairing punctures. Looking for a one-stop-shop of fun on the water? Look no further!

Wateraft Pad
Wateraft Pad
Wateraft Pad
Wateraft Pad

Want a summertime of laughter?

No set-up required just unroll and “Get On The Water”. No need to inflate or repair punctures. Lightweight, durable and easy to use. It's truly the ideal family toy for the beach, cottage, boat or resort setting.

Wateraft TYKE

“We are family owned & operated with four locations across North America”

The manufacturers of The Wateraft – Jacobs & Thompson (J&T) – have been experts in foam fabrication since 1955. We are a family-owned and operated company based in Toronto, Canada. J&T is one of North America’s leading laminators and converters of customized foam parts, producing millions of foam parts each year for a variety of industries. Our team is focused on creating innovative products for our clients, such as The Wateraft – the perfect floating water toy for the beach or cottage. The Wateraft team and their families want you to experience this floating water mat today. Don’t hesitate – start making new memories now. Contact us today!

Happy Rafting:)

WATERAFT, Not 1, not 2 but…

...3-ply construction which makes it more buoyant & easier to roll!

RAFT’s contain UV additives… they won't degrade in the sun as a result of no UV protection.

Yellow colour means caution…

...which helps promote visibility & safety while playing in the water.

Made in North America…

...we manufacture our products so you're buying factory-direct from us.