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"The kids can't get enough of this thing. We love that there is no setup required and we can simply roll it out and not worry about it for the day!" - Angela
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"We were surprised by the quality and thickness of these pads! Have had a cheaper option fall apart on us in the past so the money is well spent for the lifetime of a Wateraft." - Marco
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"Had a fantastic weekend at our cottage with the Wateraft making its first appearance. Not sure if the kids or dogs had more fun on it, but we enjoyed observing all the fun on our new favorite toy!" - Julia
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"It has been very popular with the teens. Easily holds 4 high school teens with no issues. It is awesome to float on on those really hot days. You get some sun but get to stay cool." - Jennifer V
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"This product is high quality and has been very well loved by both kids and adults. We had 6 grown adults and 2 children laying on the mat and it still stayed afloat. Amazing purchase." - Leah G
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When selecting a lake toy reusability is king and the Wateraft sits on the thrown. Whether relaxing and laying out or running and playing Wateraft is the foundation for your day on the Lake. Wateraft is made of marine-grade “Cross-Linked” polyethylene foam for increased buoyancy and durability. 

Wateraft Pad

We are family owned & operated with four locations across North America

The manufacturers of The Wateraft – Jacobs & Thompson (J&T) – have been experts in foam fabrication since 1955. J&T is one of North America’s leading laminators and converters of customized foam parts, producing millions of foam parts each year for a variety of industries. Our team is focused on creating innovative products for our clients, such as The Wateraft – the perfect floating water toy for the beach or cottage. The Wateraft team and their families can’t wait for you to experience all the Wateraft has to offer.

Happy Rafting