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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Wateraft!

1.)  Made in North America
Our Wateraft is made in Canada, by Canadians.

2.)  Durable Materials
Each Wateraft is made of durable marine-grade polyethylene foam capable of holding up to 1,400 pounds of dispersed weight!

3.)  Maintenance Free
The Wateraft is lightweight and easy to to take with you to the cottage or beach.  No upkeep is required.  Just simply unroll it and get on the water!

4.)  Promotes Being Active Outdoors
The Wateraft will inspire your kids to ditch their iPads and game consoles and get outside for some fun in the sun.

5.)  Encourages More Family Time
Your whole family will have fun on the Wateraft.  It’s the perfect place for games on the water, soaking up the summer sun and grabbing some amazing photo ops!