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Things to do Over the May Two-Four Weekend

While the Victoria Day weekend might seem like just another long weekend, to others it marks the official start of summer.  The month of May does not always grace us with temperatures peaking at 25 degrees Celsius, but we can still anticipate various outdoor activities and events in Toronto.

Here are a couple activities and events to do for the long weekend:

  1. If procrastinating is your forte, check out some last-minute Victoria Day Special weekend deals for the entire family.  This is a great option for those that innately pair long weekends with road trips or getaways.
  2. If staying in town and local is the plan, opt for fireworks displays at either Canada’s Wonderland or Ashbridges Bay Park.  Your kids will indubitably be in awe of the pyrotechnics and will replicate the epic scene from V for Vendetta.
  3. Willing to face your fear of clowns and sacrifice precious grocery shopping/errands time for an event with your kids?  Harbourfront Centre is hosting a free event called HarbourKIDS Circus that goes on from May 21st to 23rd.  Festival highlights include animal shows and circus performances.
  4. Feeling adventurous and have been yearning to pitch the tent and roast some marshmallows?  It may be a little early to swim and take advantage of all that summer has to offer, but camping is still very much a popular May two-four long weekend activity.  Make a reservation as soon as possible with Ontario Parks before your camp site gets fully booked.

Don’t forget all the other family outings you can resort to that don’t require excessive planning.  Going out for dinner and a movie is a great option especially if the thought of being outside with an unexpected rain fall during a fireworks display leaves you pursing your lips.

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