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Care & Maintenance

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Your Wateraft is made from high density polyethylene foam and will require no air or additional floatation attachments to work. The material is easy to maintain, light weight and set up is painless.

Once the packaging is removed, ensure no foreign materials are situated near the raft that could scratch, mark or tear the material. Wipe the raft clean with water.

Before use, inspect the rafts surface for foreign materials and inspect the grommet – tether strap system to ensure proper anchoring is achieved.

Ensure all users remove any jewelry or clothing that could rip, scar or tear the foam surface or edges.

To preserve the rafts surface and vibrant color, reduce direct sunlight exposure for prolonged periods of time. UV rays can damage the rafts foam surface, causing fading. Keep the raft dry and rolled up when not in use.

When storing your Wateraft for long periods of time, allow the surface time to fully dry. Roll up the raft and secure it with the Velcro straps. Store the raft away from the elements and away from the shoreline.