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The Wateraft

Closed-cell polyethylene foam.
A lot! The Wateraft has been tested up to 1,200 pounds of dispersed weight. It is very buoyant and won’t sink.
Not really. You don’t need to inflate the product. To clean the raft, simply use a wet sponge and gently wipe off the surface. Remember its closed cell foam, so liquids will not penetrate the material. When you’re done using the raft for prolonged periods of time, hose down the both sides, let it dry and roll it up for safe storage. Keep in a dry area away from shore and sharp objects.
When compared to other water toys, the Wateraft is the most safe and affordable, multi-person water toy available. People of all ages can use the product. The flexibility and grip of the foam allows the user to easily climb on and off the surface. It’s a hassle free toy that you simply unroll and get on. The Wateraft is portable and weighs less than 30 pounds so it can be rolled up and transported on your boat.
Click on the “Where to Buy” link on the Wateraft web page to be directed to an authorized dealer.

The Wateraft comes with a bungee-cord tethering system. There are instructions provided, detailing how to punch the tethering grommet through the foam. The loose end of the bungee system should be anchored down. Some people have used cinder blocks or boat anchors. Always ensure there is a safe distance from any hard surface, such as a dock or underwater obstruction. The Wateraft is designed to lay flat on the water. We recommend that the bungee line remains below the Wateraft so feet and arms don’t get entangled or the bungee line does not put excessive pressure on the grommet when the raft is in use.

The Wateraft is made of durable, soft foam. Sharp objects such as glass, metal, jewelry can scuff or rip the foam. The Wateraft is not pet proof.
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Customers ask

Unfortunately, we do not have a warranty because people have been misusing the product. The most common misuse of the product is towing it behind a boat. The product will rip if this is done. However, the product will still float. You will notice that our competitors have a warranty for their rafts. However, if you read their warranty you will realize that there is no warranty once the consumer opens the product. However, with this being said, if our product comes damaged we of course would replace it but we would need to know right away.

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The Wateraft comes with a tethering system. To install, simply puncture the raft with a screw driver roughly 14 inches from an edge. Then insert the grommet, making sure you twist the two pieces together until it is a tight seal. Then attached the bungee cord to the grommet. This will allow the product to have “give”. If you need a longer rope please make sure that you have the bungee cord connected to the grommet and then tie the rope to the bungee cord.

There is not necessarily a weight ratio for the rafts. No matter how many people you put on the raft it will NOT pop. It will simply have more water on the surface area. As an example: a Giant Wateraft will fit 9 adults all lounging on it at once:)

Dogs can go on the product, but be prepared that their claws will scratch the raft. The raft will still float but it will have marks from their claws. If the dog is in the water it will be harder for him/her to get onto the raft and may need a little assistance.
We specifically made the Wateraft yellow. Yellow is a bright colour that stands out in the water. If you have a blue, green, purple or other dark colours the raft is harder to see in the water and can cause a safety hazard.
The Wateraft is 1.125” thick. Many of our competitors make 1.5” thick rafts. The Wateraft is able to be thinner than our competitors because of the material and our production process. The Wateraft is made up of three layers. All three layers are marine grade cross-linked polyethylene foam. This means the foam will not break down in the sun nor get water logged like a pool noddle. The outer two layers have a 2lb density and the inner layer is a 4lb density. The outer layers is a cushion to make the product soft, and the inner layer gives the product the rigidity and buoyancy. We laminate all three materials together without any adhesive. We melt the layers together so they will never delaminate. Since we use superior foam and manufacturing processes it allows us to make the raft thinner so it is easier to roll up and does not take as much room for storage.