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Disclaimer of Use

The Wateraft is NOT a PFD (Personal Flotation Device).  The use of a life jacket is recommended, but is ultimately the responsibility of a parent or each individual adult.  The owner(s) of this product acknowledge and assume all risks of personal injury and all other hazards (i) arising from or related in any way to use of the Wateraft (including, without limitations, risks of personal injury, property loss or damage, or other hazards), (ii) arising or resulting from any cause whatsoever (including, without limitation, by other users and other inherent risks incidental to using the Wateraft and any negligence), and (iii) whether occurring prior to, during or after usage of the Wateraft.

The owner(s) of this product hereby fully release Jacobs & Thompson Inc. and its officers, directors, shareholders, agents and employees from any and all liability for loss, damage or injury to myself, my guests and property, however caused, resulting from the purchase and/or use of the product accepting myself the full responsibility for any and all such loss, damage or injury which may result.